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Bug in BlackBerry Repeat Rule, MONTH_OF_YEAR Deincrements 1 Month

I have noticed a bug in javax.microedition.pim.RepeatRule, when I tried to set a an event to repeat every second sunday of may I would get an event that repeated every second sunday of april. I determined that this was being … Continue reading

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Improved Funambol Blackberry Plugin

As promised I made significant improvements to the Funambol Blackberry Client, while the improvements are geared towards better functionality with, they should benefit individuals who use other SyncML servers as well. The Improvements in include: Ignore milliseconds in … Continue reading

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Fix for Sending Email with Funambol and Schedule World

Those of us without a Blackberry Enterprise Server cannot automatically synchronize our calendar and contacts with our PC without directly pluging the Blackberry directly into the PC with a USB cable. This is where Funambol and ScheduleWorld come in. ScheduleWorld … Continue reading

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