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Technical Inspection of Insteon Hub2 2245-222

The following are some notes I gathered while investigating the technical possibilities of the Insteon Hub2. Starting Nmap 6.40 ( ) Nmap scan report for 192.168.XXX.XXX Host is up (0.00058s latency). Not shown: 65535 open|filtered ports, 65531 filtered ports … Continue reading

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Speed Up WordPress on Dreamhost Using Custom MySQL Server

I run all of my services on a Dreamhost VPS instance.  I have even upgraded to the newer VPS with 1GB of RAM. Yet, my WordPress instances have become stupid slow.  Like 2-3 seconds to load a page slow. I … Continue reading

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Making the Dreamhost Nginx Install More Standard

Dreamhost maintains a custom Nginx package that is installed on all of its VPS servers.  The package contains a number of modifications that make it easier for Dreamhost to configure Nginx from a central location.  In addition, the Dreamhost package … Continue reading

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Disable Dreamhost Panel Management on VPS

A Dreamhost VPS is nearly indistinguishable from a dedicated server.  Dreamhost allows users full root access to the VPS servers, so you are free to manage them as you see fit. However, certain configuration files related to users, and web … Continue reading

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Dreamhost VPS Disable Jabber

Even with Jabber disabled in the VPS configuation, you will still see jabber processes running on your VPS.  They eat up about 30 MB of RAM, but very little processing power. You can easily disable them by running the following … Continue reading

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Dreamhost Triples the Memory on VPS

So I missed the announcement somewhere, but somewhere in the past few days, Dreamhost significantly upgraded their VPS offering.  Previously you got 300 MB of RAM and unlimited disk space for $15/month. A few Trade-offs Now Dreamhost is advertising 1GB of … Continue reading

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Rigid R4510 Table Saw Impressions

Why I picked the Rigid I have been looking to buy my first table saw.  I am interested in getting started in hobby woodworking.  My plan is to start with smaller furniture projects and see how I do and how … Continue reading

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The Perfect Single Meal Soylent Container

I was a one week supply backer and last week I received my first shipment. My personal use for Soylent is as a Breakfast replacement and so far it has been working well, but I will wait a few more … Continue reading

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Automatically Clear/Sync Hangouts Notifications Between Android and GChat

I have been plagued by this problems for months.  I frequently searched for a solution but found nothing until today. The Problem I am signed into hangouts on my Android phone and use Gchat (the chat client inside the web version … Continue reading

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Surprise! CA Bar Doesn’t Takes Moral Character Applications Very Seriously

To be clear, I am being entirely sarcastic when I say “Surprise.” I just received the Moral Character Questionnaire for a friend who is applying to take the California Bar Exam this summer.  By way of background, the Bar is … Continue reading

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