Tk804 and TableMatrix 1.2 Works!

To celebrate I decided it was time for a new perl image.

I listened to John?Cerney and I went to the Univ of Winnipeg repository and downloaded Tk804.026 and TableMatrix 1.2 and it works perfectly. I am still running perl 5.8.3 because I saw no need to tempt fate with another update that could cause a different error.

I think the solution is that the Univ of Winnipeg site compiled TableMatrix 1.2 with Tk804, so you should only need to download TableMatrix but I got Tk804 from them as weel just to be sure. Hopefully this will solve other people problems out there.

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  1. rminner says:

    Thanks for your hint about getting TableMatrix from the Univ of Winnipeg website. It is enough to install their ppm (no need to upgrade tk).
    It works fine with activestate perl 5.8.7.

    Cheers, Roland

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