Disable Dreamhost Panel Management on VPS

Disable Dreamhost Panel Management on VPS

A Dreamhost VPS is nearly indistinguishable from a dedicated server.  Dreamhost allows users full root access to the VPS servers, so you are free to manage them as you see fit.

However, certain configuration files related to users, and web servers, are completely overwritten whenever a Panel change is made.  Plus, there may be other instances in which Dreamhost will overwrite your changes.  As a result, if you want to manage these features on your server, you need to exclude Dreamhost from managing them.

Danger Lies Beyond This Point

It is self evident, but if you elect to exclude Dreamhost from managing your server, you are responsible for making sure things don’t break.

Get Root Access

To get root access find the following section in the panel:ssh menu


and add a new key.

Details on how to make or use SSH Keys are well covered on the internet.  If you don’t already know how to work with SSH Keys, you may want to consider if you are really prepared to handle the management of your server.

Once the SSH Key has been installed, log in as root to your VPS.  Once there run the following command:

mv /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2.disabled

Dreamhost will no longer be able to access your server.  You can still use the Dreamhost Panel to adjust the memory and disk space allotments for your VPS.  However, adding domains, user, one-click installs, and all other related items will no longer work.

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