Improved Funambol Blackberry Plugin

Improved Funambol Blackberry Plugin

As promised I made significant improvements to the Funambol Blackberry Client, while the improvements are geared towards better functionality with, they should benefit individuals who use other SyncML servers as well.

The Improvements in include:

  • Ignore milliseconds in date, fixes duplication on
  • Properly display entities such as quotes and ampersands
  • Allday events now show up on week and month view
  • Multiday Allday events are no longer short one day
  • All day events no longer duplicate on SlowSync
  • Accept basic ISO 8061 dates
  • Fixed error message that popped up whenever sending an email
  • Removed configuration section relating to email since Schedule World does not support email
  • Altered default settings in configuration to match Schedule World settings
  • Added AutoSync Feature - The client will query the server for changes every X hours.

You can download a copy of Funambol-SW or view the source code at Funambol Blackberry Plugin Schedule World Edition.

I am not a great Java programer so most of these changes were pretty simple. I would like to add support for tasks and possibly notes as well, but with my limited skill I may never get around to this.

Because of my limited time and skill with Java I am not offering a whole lot of support for this. But if you are having issues feel free to post your issue on ScheduleWorld Forums.

5 thoughts on “Improved Funambol Blackberry Plugin

  1. Wow sorry I had been monitoring the wrong page. I was still looking at the funambol-bb 3.0.8 on sourceforge. I saw they video and it looks pretty sweet.

    I am glad to see you separated the email and PIM functions as well as added the auto sync feature. I can’t wait to test it out.


  2. By chance, do you know anything about using the Funambol Blackberry PIM to synchronize with a SmarterMail installation? I’ve tried and it seems that it makes some sort of connection to the server, but it then fails – this is on synchronizing contacts.

  3. I have never seen SmarterMail before. But I just quickly glanced at the website. It claims to run SyncML so in theory the Funambol PIM should sync to it just fine. The “Whitepaper” on their website claims to support Funambol clients so I would send them a message and ask them how to debug your setup. You can also check out the funambol forums and seek help there too.

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