Perl Tk TableMatrix Update

Perl Tk TableMatrix Update

I had previously posted some issues I have been having with the TableMatrix module for Perl Tk. I had assumed that the errors were with ActiveState’s version of perl. But I have discovered that TableMatrix is not compatible with Tk-804. TableMatrix 1.2 causes an error in on line 190. It appears that it is expecting a reference to a hash and is being passed a reference to something else.

Does anyone know what the change was in Tk-804 that would cause TableMatrix to break and possibly how to fix it? I sent a note to the creater on CPAN but have not had any response yet. Thanks all.

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  1. So after a lot of emails requesting that I make my perl script more user friendly I have started a GUI for it. Because it is in perl I am using Tk as the interface. While Perl/Tk is very cool and powerful it lacks some good documentation which makes my li

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