Speed Up WordPress on Dreamhost Using Custom MySQL Server

Speed Up WordPress on Dreamhost Using Custom MySQL Server

I run all of my services on a Dreamhost VPS instance.  I have even upgraded to the newer VPS with 1GB of RAM. Yet, my WordPress instances have become stupid slow.  Like 2-3 seconds to load a page slow.

I had chalked this up to the complexities of WordPress and the various plugins that I had installed.  However, eventually I became so frustrated I tried disabling each all plugins and discovered that this had little effect.

After more poking around, I installed a query monitor plugin and discovered that my SQL queries were taking more time that I would have anticipated.

Frustrated, I installed the MySQL server on my local VPS, and then copied over my database.  Viola!  All of the slowness disappeared.  I went from having 3 second load times to less than half second load times.  The following is a chart from Google showing the load times each time it crawled my site.  You can clearly see the date when I switched over.


The moral of this story is that the shared MySQL server that comes with a Dreamhost VPS account is absurdly slow.  Stupidly so.  Luckily, there is plenty of RAM on a VPS instance to run a MySQL instance.

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