TableMatrix and Tk804 still Unresolved

TableMatrix and Tk804 still Unresolved

I got a response back from John Cerney, who is the creator of the TableMatrix module, this morning. He says that TableMatrix has been compatible with Tk804 since TableMatrix v1.1.

However he did say that TableMatrix has to be recompiled with Tk804 in order for it to work with Tk804 so my thought is that maybe ActiveState is not compiling TableMatrix correctly with Tk804 and is reusing a compile version from Tk800. I am going to see if other repositories have versions that work.

The rub is that now I have to have two parrallel versions of perl running on my machine. Version 1 with Tk800 that works for continued development. And Version 2 with Tk804 to test different versions of TableMatrix 1.2.

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