TiVo Central for Mobile Devices

TiVo Central for Mobile Devices

TiVo Central Online is pretty cool, it allows you to program your TiVo to record an upcoming show or season pass from the interent. I wanted to be able to access TiVo Central anywhere I went, unfortunately TiVo Central is not available for Mobile devices. So I decided to whip up a quick PHP script to parse TCO and repaginate it into a mobile friendly html site. This is all accomplished in 480 lines of php code. The script allows for searching of upcoming shows by title, description, or cast members. After searching you can select the specific showing and record it using a one time or season pass recording. Additionally the script allows access to all advanced recording options and will send you an email to confirm the recording.

Initially when I started this script the only sources to set a TiVo recording was through the TCO and yahoo. I have found that yahoo is often wrong and sometimes fails to load so I did not use yahoo. However, because TCO uses JavaScript and Flash to display the Listings Grid I am unable to parse a TV listing so the script only allows search for shows. I think this can be fixed by using zap2it.com, however I only discovered it recently so I will have to start over again.

There are a few things to note about the script.

1. It is very basic, the output is decent but not beautiful by any sense
2. The output is in crude HTML. It works on my blackberry pearl, but it may throw an error on a more strict web browser
3. It was built and tested on a Blackberry pearl, it may look bad or not function with other phones
4. There is no way to view shows by time or channel, this is because of the options in TCO. (I plan on rewriting this script to work with zap2it.com which will allow searching by time and channel)
5. I write in very sloppy code, I apologize to all who tinker with this after me
6. I don’t plan on supporting this code so you are on your own, I publish it only to help you save some time.

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