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Perl ID3::Tag and Errors with Cover Art

First off let me apologize for the stupid graphic on this post. I was getting a little lazy. Now my question is for anyone who has used the MP3::Tag module on ID3v2 tags. At the moment when I use the … Continue reading

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Perl Tk TableMatrix Widget Help

I was told that perl/tk is a nice perl gui but is very badly documented. Well I can confirm I was told correctly. Most recently I had some trouble with Tk:TableMatrix which is very poorly documented. The biggest annoyance I … Continue reading

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Perl Text Comparison/Similarity Final

I have received a couple of suggestions via email in regards to how best compare two text strings. In my most recent post I discussed a the String::Compare module. Since then I have found some additional modules that do similar … Continue reading

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Perl Text Comparison Followup

I recently posted a request for information about any perl modules out there that would be usefull in comparing two strings of text. I found String::Compare on cpan and I have been happy with its simplicity and speed. I wrote … Continue reading

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