Bug in BlackBerry Repeat Rule, MONTH_OF_YEAR Deincrements 1 Month

Bug in BlackBerry Repeat Rule, MONTH_OF_YEAR Deincrements 1 Month

I have noticed a bug in javax.microedition.pim.RepeatRule, when I tried to set a an event to repeat every second sunday of may I would get an event that repeated every second sunday of april. I determined that this was being caused by MONTH_OF_YEAR being deincremented by 1 month after the event was committed.

I worked around the problem by setting the value one month forward. However obviously, this does not work for december. I tried increasing the value of the MONTH_OF_YEAR setting, however java balks at any unknown value. Currently I am unable to set an event to occur on the second sunday in december. If anyone figures out a work around I would be greatful.

RIM has recognized that this is a bug, but who knows when the bug will be fixed. I attached a copy of the email I received from RIM:

To: Kevin Keegan
Subject: Re: Bug in javax.microedition.pim.RepeatRule ;

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Application Development

I have been able to reproduce your issue with the RepeatRule
class and have forwarded the issue to our development team
for further investigation.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Software Engineering Consultant
Research In Motion Limited
Email: devsupport@rim.com
Web: www.blackberrydeveloper.com
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