Perl Text Comparison

Perl Text Comparison

Does anyone know of a perl module or perl example of a quantitative text analysis. Such as comparing STR to an array and giving numeric results of its similarity to each string in the array. Such as is if the comparision is a difference of case it would score very low and a comparison where the strings did not even contain the same characters would be very high?

This is an akward concept. But I am sure there are papers out there on this subject. This is what enables large search engines to work. Please comment if you know of any. Thanks.

Added 8pm Update I found string::compare, it looks like it does what I am looking for. I don’t know how good it will be at what we need to to do but I will test it out and let you know.

Added 6/3/2005 Update I have made a review of this module here.

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  1. I recently posted a request for information about any perl modules out there that would be usefull in comparing two strings of text. I found String::Compare on cpan and I have been happy with its simplicity and speed. I wrote a summary below of how the mo

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